Wendy Honestly, a redhead with true spirit!

Ever since she was 6 years old, she knew that one day her dream of becoming a singer would be reality.  Her gift from God is creativity. She wants to express herself, share her talent with the world.

Besides singer-songwriter she is also a belly-dancer, rapper, choreographer, she writes poetry and has a great passion for acting!

While dancing on the "Purple Piano" of Prince himself, she took her first steps into show-business.  It was Monday Midnite (singer of Technotronic), who encouraged her to start writing lyrics! Her best friends also knew she had it in her to become a great artist one day...

So she started her career doing featurings with DJ's like Mark With a K and David Latour. She had quite some exposure, releasing dance songs combined with rap. One year later she had her first golden record, for the song "Lady Masquerade".

Finally the time has come for Wendy Honestly to blossom as a solo artist!  With her soul-pop songs, she is working on her first album. 'Tattoo Tears' is the very first single! The song has gotten great response and is being played on heavy rotation on several radio stations around the world. Recently Wendy received an award for 'Best Pop Music Video' at The Akademia Music Awards. 

Her ambition is to inspire her audience with the true message in her lyrics.  

As she likes to quote: "Art is never perfect, but it's the perfect expression of how you feel!"

If you wanna know more about this singer-songwriter, listen carefully to her music and be enchanted by her voice...